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Argan oil is the latest wonder substance in the beauty industry. This is because it brings a lot of benefits and keeps a lot of people happy. In fact, argan oil has become so very popular that there are many brands in the beauty industry that churn out argan oil based products. These products are selling well all over the world.

Here are some of the pros and cons of argan oil that everybody should know about.


  • Protects the skin from damage from the elements – going out of the house is more than enough to subject the skin to a lot of damage. The pollution from dust, smoke and other substances can rub the skin wrong and this can lead to rapid skin cell deterioration. In order to avoid these issues, the best option is to use argan oil on the face. The oil puts a special protective layer on top of the skin that can effectively shield the skin from the bad elements.
  • Excellent moisturizer as well as makeup remover – argan oil has vitamin E as well as certain acids that are good for the skin. It is also a great moisturizer as well as a great make up remover. Many makeup artists now use argan oil as their primary make up remover. The effectiveness of this substance is definitely beyond argument.
  • Minimizes the production of oil – argan oil is also great for treating acne. This is because argan oil can help minimize the production of sebum in the skin. This in turn helps minimize the rate of production of pimples.
  • Prevents skin inflammation and redness – argan oil also has medical use. This is because it is very effective in treating all kinds of inflammation as well as certain skin diseases.


  • Shiny hair – since argan oil is rich in vitamin E, it is great for health hair. Many hairdressers recommend using Argan oil to make the hair shine. It really gives great results. Some movie stars swear by argan oil to keep their hair shiny at all times.
  • Excellent straightener – aside from shiny hair, argan oil also keeps the hair straight. Women who have black hair who want to keep straight at all times should definitely try using argan oil.
  • Prevents split ends – argan oil is also very good at preventing split ends. This helps prevent women from regularly trimming their hair in order to deal with unsightly split ends.


  • Can only be found in a certain part of the world – argan oil is something that is only found from one tree. This tree is called the Argan tree. The argan tree can only be found in certain parts of Morocco and Algeria. This results to a rare supply at times when the argan tree harvest is not good for that year.
  • Products come in different formulations – producers of argan oil products have their own formulations. Some products may be called argan oil based but they may only contain a little.

Picking the right argan oil based product is all about trial and error. A little internet research can help too.

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